臺北醫學大學醫學工程學院 生物醫學工程學系 - 特色與亮點



SBME Features

  • 本學系為國內首創成立於醫學大學體系結合醫療體系資源,教育著重於臨床導向之醫學工程專業養成。
  • The SBME is the first school in the nation established under a medical university system with the combined resources of the medical system. Its educational focus is developing clinically-oriented medical engineering talents.


  • 建立「創客基地」提供師生想法創意執行基地以培養學生創客精神。
  •  Established a Maker Space to cultivate a spirit of invention in students by providing teachers and students with a base for executing their creative ideas.


  • 舉辦「醫學工程創意競賽」啟發學生創新能力與執行園地。
  • Organizes the Medical Engineering Creativity Competition to inspire innovative ability and practice in students.


  • 開發特色「微學程課程」透過一系列核心與應用課程組合,培養學生對於醫療器材產品設計開發相關技術之認識,以及應用層面之需求,進而提升學生未來從事生物醫學工程相關領域之能力。
  • Developed a feature micro-program curriculum comprising a series of core and applied course combinations to cultivate student knowledge of medical device product design, development technologies and application skills, thereby enhancing student future ability to engage in biomedical engineering.


  • 本校擁有豐富產學研究經驗,與生醫產業廠商合作密切,可提供多元學習與各企業實機會。
  • The SBME's wealth of industry-academia research experience and close collaborations with the biomedical industry provides diverse learning and internship opportunities in various corporations.


  • 與美洲、亞洲、歐洲、非洲、大洋洲各地區共計230間結盟學校,強化學生與國際接軌並拓展專業學習平台。
  • Alliance with a total of 230 schools in America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania enhances student integration with international standards and expands professional learning platforms.


  • 本學系位於臺北都會精華地帶,教學及研究資源豐富,能招收優秀醫工人才。
  • The SBME is located in the prime area of Taipei City, and its abundant teaching and research resources make it attractive to outstanding medical talents.


  • 提供北醫附設醫院、萬芳醫院與雙和醫院可就近提供學生參訪見習,更貼切的了解醫學工程之臨床應用性。
  • The nearby TMU Hospital, Wanfang Hospital and Shuang Ho Hospital are available for observational learning so that students can better understand the clinical application of medical engineering.